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Dear Readers, Welcome to the story of the Falcons Club and the Falcon Family. If you’ve found yourself on this page, it means you’re truly interested in discovering more about us, and I’m here to share our journey from the very beginning.

First, it’s important to understand why we are called the Falcons Club. Many assume we chose this name because the falcon is a prestigious bird, but that’s not the case. Our founding family's surname is De Valkeneer, which translates to The Falconer in English. Hence, the Falcons Club is simply an extension of our family name. Our story traces back to 1927, the year Willy De Valkeneer was born. He is the grandfather of our founder, Alex De Valkeneer. Willy was born in Aalst, Belgium, and pursued Pharmacy at the University of Leuven. After graduating, he established his own pharmacy, De Valkeneer.

Willy excelled in his field, and his wife Liliana came from a distinguished family. Willy was renowned for creating his own medicines, attracting people from across the country who sought his remedies. His pharmacy wasn’t just a business; it was his passion and life’s work.

Another shared passion of Willy and Liliana was travelling. They often ventured to Italy, France, and the UK, seeking hidden gems away from the beaten path. Willy wasn’t interested in the most famous sites; he sought experiences that offered deeper cultural connections and a strong sense of place. In Bordeaux, for example, he avoided the well-known vineyards and instead visited smaller ones where he could meet the chateau owners and enjoy private tastings.

These travels and the connections they forged transcended borders. One of their favourite discoveries, suggested by a pharmacy client, was the Cotswolds, which became their annual retreat. These travel stories were shared with his clientele, making the pharmacy a place of unique interaction. People came not only for medication but also to get travel recommendations from Willy and Liliana.

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Willy’s love for travel and his stories were passed down to his son Dimitri and grandson Alex. Alex, in particular, was captivated by his grandfather’s tales during weekend visits. Willy had a special collection of mementoes from his travels, each with its own story and memory. He often said, “Money needs to roll, and you only live once, so create memories and share those stories with your loved ones.”

The De Valkeneer family cherishes these stories. Sadly, Willy passed away in 2012 after a long battle with cancer, working at his pharmacy until a few weeks before his death at age 85. His son Dimitri continued his legacy, and now his granddaughter Charlotte also works in the pharmacy, keeping the tradition alive.

During Willy’s funeral, Alex spoke in the church. He acknowledged his grandfather’s dream for him to continue the family’s pharmaceutical legacy but revealed his own passion. Alex said, “Dearest Grandpa, I know it was your dream for me to follow in your footsteps and continue the family pharmacy. You built a name for us and made us known and respected.

It is with deep regret that I won’t follow you in pharmacy, but with even greater passion, I promise to carry on your legacy. I will make our name known not just in our city and country but worldwide. I will keep your stories alive and share your way of living and travelling with the world.”

Thus, the Falcons Club was born, a club for like-minded, discerning, and affluent travellers who wish to see the world from a different perspective, experience unique adventures, and create memories and stories to share with friends and family.

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